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We've designed multiple buildings like this over the years, but this is the first one here in the UK! This one is maintenace workshop for Recreational Vehicles (Camper Vans or Motor Homes as opposed to 4 x 4's!) and caravans. 
We have generated hot state versions of all our in house calculations for light gauge steel negating the need for testing. 
Robotic assembly of Light Gauge Steel as seen at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Sheffield coupled with Automated Modelling from Vertex 
It's been quite a while getting to this stage, but we finally have images of our latest block of apartments. They feature walls not lining through with joists transferring loads in shear, balconies and lots of lovely architectural features Engineers come to fear! 
Using our sister companies Tedds Add In for Light Gauge Steel we are pleased to be able to share our latest project with it's non standard roof and structure that doesn't line up floor to floor with the obvious exception of the Hot Rolled posts creating the transfer deck is our latest project made possible using ONLY the Light Gauge Steel add in for Tedds our colleagues at Modern Engineered Software Ltd developed. 
'Attic Roof Truss', 
The duo pitched roofs 
The Flat Roof 
The wall studs 
The floor joists 
The floor joists with point loads (walls above don't line through!) 
The drawing was produced in Vertex by the client and cnc data will be produced by others to drive the Howick Roll Formers 
Brief review of the wide range of profiles manufactured in the UK Light Gauge Steel industry and why we perhaps need to standardise? 
Explanation of floor slab deflection and dimension srequired to 'manage' 
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