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Robotic assembly of Light Gauge Steel as seen at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Sheffield coupled with Automated Modelling from Vertex 
This blog post is to highlight the cutting edge research carried out by our friends at the 'AMRC' in Sheffield and how it can connect to the development by our sister company at Modern Engineered Software Solutions Ltd and our other freinds at Vertex UK. 
The AMRC at Sheffield have shared a video of the robotic assembly of light gauge steel studs they produced using their robotic demonstrator cell - link via image below 
The AMRC developed the demonstrator as part of the UK Government Catapult and a 'White Paper' on the subject is available.  
The nature of the robotic demonstrator cell means that it is transient and temporary so we have been a little late to shout about this having seen it in 2018.  
It does however tie nicely into some development work that we did over at our sister company (Modern Engineered Software Solutions Ltd - combining various calculations together to make the 'One Form House Design' which can be seen on their YouTube Channel. This also exports the dimensions, member spacing and profile's to Excel where our friends at Vertex UK who developed a tool to import the data and produce a parametric model and csv data to effectively 'print' the Light Gauge Steel for the robotic demonstrator to assemble. 
Combine this with the Holo Lens tools by Trimble and others to faciliate Augmented Reality and it really does feel like the future is here and now! 
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