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Brief review of the wide range of profiles manufactured in the UK Light Gauge Steel industry and why we perhaps need to standardise? 
Recently we here at MMCEngineer were approached by a client ( who wanted to design a house using profiles but not listed to any one manufacturer. It's happened before and we've struggled, and our Steve Napper has long been blogging about the issue, so this time we thought wed start to list all the profiles and yield strengths we had on file in our software over at so we could help out at www.Factory.House 
Even we were frankly amazed at the range of profiles, and some of our preliminary findings. 
17 Manufacturers Listed (Our data lists at list 30+, this was limited to UK and a few must be missing!) 
5 Yield Strengths 
60 (Yes SIXTY) Depths of profile (ranging from 60m to 500mm deep) 
34 Flange widths  
22 Gauges (0.6mm to 5mm) 
12% of ALL profiles are 100mm deep 
14% of all profiles are 150mm deep 
39% of 100mm deep C’s have a 50mm flange while 9% have a 42mm flange 
In terms of 'discussion', the 34 flange widths breaks down to: 
39mm to 46mm without interruption, 
63-70 again without interruption, 
Whole range extends from 34mm to 125mm 
The list of profiles can be downloaded It's on Dropbox, so an external link. We've sent to our friends, and colleagues, at Northumbria University and Associate Professor Keerthan Poologanathan's Research Group for them to get their teeth into and come up with some useful data. The Research Group is trying to obtain funding from Innovate UK to develop guidance on standardising the huge range of profiles to make the industry more enticing to the wider construction industry and funders such as mortgage providers and insurers. 
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