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Following on from the scan and production of 3D model or 'BIM' - Building Information Model showing the proposed structure in the space scanned we have a very short video of what this looks like in Augmented Reality. 
Following on from the last LiDar related post we have been back to site with the model and 'AR Connect' to show the clients what it will look like when completed and ensure doors, etc. are in the correct location's for them. Michael Carter of Carter MMC was able to join us this time to see his work this way. 
The video above, crude as it is but shows it's raw and un edited, shows what we saw walking aroud the site. The model might not be perfectly placed, and if so I hold up my hand for that. 
The AR Connect interface is brilliant and allows the user to place the model on site manually, as I did, then 'tweak' using one or two fingers for greater or lesser accuracy of movement. As a 1st time user we thought this would be easier, and given a site with clean lines it might have! Next time we are going to add the QR code to the model and place a physical one on site to place perfectly! 
We need to add the floor in as light gauge steel, and also overlay the services locations to the model to allow us to place the screw piles by Geologic. When the screw pile installers come to site they can use the same technology to perfectly place the piles and verify they are exactly correct, so that we litteraly have millimetre perfect foundations for the millimetre perfect frame to launch from. 
Responses to the technology from the site owner / developer and architect have included: 
“Amazing! There is so much more space than we imagined” 
(Andrew Harvey - site owner) 
"Wow! Thank you, Stephen. I am not good at 3D translating / visualising plans in my head, and this really helps." 
(Andrew Harvey - Joint Site Owner) 
Responses from others who've seen the post on social media have included comments like: 
"That’s a clever bit of kit. It's cool. It’s remarkable what they can come up with nowadays, would be really useful on a website for people to see what their project would look like." 
(Richard Eltham, Project manager) 
"Wowza. That's brilliant." 
(John Dennis, JD Design & Consultancy) 
Thanks once again to Sam Hough and Cesar Almeida @ Korec Group for letting us have access to AR Connect for this project. 
They have also sent us this rather amazing lego(c) (esque) version of one of their Survey Stations similiar to what was used to produce the scans to get us to this stage! More on the next blog post as we build it! 
If you have thoughts you'd like to share please leave a comment in the comments section below. 
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