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Following on from the intial post the scan of the site has now been completed and is being tidied up by the wizz kids at PQS Tech to make it easier for the detailers to model the LGS structure more easily. 
Jona of PQS Tech came to site at 9am Friday and spent an hour moving his tripod around the courtyard and the corridor patiently and politely answering the questions I and the client, Ben, put to him, whilst he monitored the point cloud being generated by the scanner. 
The video, short as it is, shows the Trimble X7 LIDAR scanner doing it's thing. The output is genuinely fantastic and I think quite fascinating, but even I have to admit that the actual operation was a little less than exciting - which is not a bad thing on a construction site! 
The operator set up the Tripod and scanner at various points across the site and set the scan in motion. It took around two minutes to scan a location and was quite slow with the unit intially appearing to rotate in steps then after a minute and a half seemed to have, not exactly a burst of energy, but certainly sped up. 
We were told that the intial phase was the laser generating the points, while the 'faster movements' was the three camera's actually taking photo's to make the cloud easier to visualise for his humans. 
The equipment to produce the scan is most definitely easy to handle and relatively lightweight. 
The system comes with a pad so that the operator can review the cloud as it's being generated and is able to zoom, rotate, pan, etc. in real time to ensure that all the required data is incorporated 1st time. 
Not massivly clear from the image on the pad, but will become clearer on the finalised images, is the point that the ginnel outside and the corridor used to access the courtyard itself are all 'caught' in the scan to ensure that all parties know what to expect when delivering goods to the site. 
We were told by the owners during the survey that before we had become involved more 'traditional' builders had declined to offer costs for the project due to site access and it being too time consuming to bring materials in.  
Strike one for MMC and Light Gauge Steel! 
Come back to us later in the week, or early next week and we should have the finalised point cloud ready to share! 
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