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Slightly left field, but wanted to share somewhere - how to extract images from office files and how perhaps these 'Modern Methods' aren't quite so 'modern' after all! 
Last night I read somewhere online - apologies to original poster but genuinely can't recall where I read so can't credit. 
If you save a .docx or .pptx anywhere, then re change the file extension to '.zip' when you 'extract' or Un Zip the new' file all the slides, images, etc. are extracted to the media folder - see below for example.  
The power point I used was from one of my lectures at Northumbria University last year entitled Steel Modular Buidling Systems, and I waslooking for an old, old example of modular buildings from the 1800's - image12.png Slightly better version below. 
This brings me onto, this not being 'new' - despite the practice name - MMCEngineer - it's not really that 'Modern', more 'Re discovered'! 
Something to think about anyway! 
For those interested in such things the building is at a National Trust property - Arlington Court and the National Trust Carriage Museum and is well worth a visit! 
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