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Discussion on standardising of profiles in the Light Gauge Steel Industry and why it's needed and wanted by the wider construction industry. 
For a LONG time I have had a 'bee in my bonnet' about standardised profiles in the Light Gauge Steel Industry and how I feel that this is holding back the industry.  
Last night I received a letter from a client who is feeling this pain and considering turning their back on my beloved industry due to this lack of standardisation. He's had his project 're designed' FOUR TIMES now because manufacturers donlt standardise! He was sold the benefit of being able to buy a 'Standard 100mm stud' and interchange the profiles readily if he bought from some of the smaller manufacturers who all use the same machines - as opposed to larger manufacturers such as Kingspan or Metsec who offer their own 99mm and 101mm profiles. (For clarity these latter two don't, it's to illustrate a point only). The vision being that he could swap profiles from any of these supplier's with another in his panel and assemble away. If he was designing in Hot Rolled Steel a 152UB from Jones Fabications is just the same as a 152UB from Smith Steel Supplies, etc. A Brick is a Brick, etc., etc. NOT if you design in Light Gauge Steel it appears.  
Question to industry - "How do we standardise?" 
I introduced a young Engineer to a group of Senior Board members of a large manufacturer at coffee meet and greet at a Trade Show recently. Before we got the table I turned to the Young Engineer and said "Watch the reaction when I mention standardising profiles! You might need to stand back to avoid the sparks!" Five minutes later I slipped it into the conversation and held back a grin as the sparks and protestations started! Point made and moved on.....  
Below is a copy of a skype conversation with a friend at draughting company this morning discussing how to help 'Peter' out with his issue: 
“Steve, 12:37 
Re read clients letter and question is how he moves the overall project forward with standardised parts, i.e. who produces 'generic' 100mm stud for example? You know the 'dream' of being able to buy one profile from multiple manufacturers and assemble into one panel. 
Friend, 12:41 
He could get away with it for the walls, but the Floors he will struggle unless everything is changed into Lattice Joists. 
Steve, 12:41 
Agreed, and is that the answer? WHO can we put forward and WHAT profile is it? I can then re design. Happy to do as a one off to test the theory 
Friend, 12:44 
Well anyone of the companies like Frameclad, EOS, Intelligent Steel. They should all be able to accommodate of everything is 100x41.3 or 100x45 
Steve, 12:46 
41.3 OR 45. Makes a DIFFERENCE to calcs - and not just a pedantic 'engineer' difference but stiffness and strength - need to be same yield - or designed for lower / lowest yield 
Friend, 12:46 
This is the problem he will have then I think Steve I’m not sure who has what in terms of Flange size 
Steve, 12:47 
And the industry can't move or on, or even acknowledge they have an 'issue' while they (the manufacturers) 'do' this, i.e. don't standardise” 
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