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Steve to give guest lecture at Northumbria University to Masters students on Light Gauge Steel, Fire protection, modular and panelised systems. 
Steve has been invited back to Northumbria University on the 4th March 2019 to give a guest lecture to the Masters Students in the school of the built environment. 
The Lecture will cover: 
Steel Modular Building System 
LSF Wall and Floor System 
Fire Design of LSF and Floor System 
The lecture will last from 11am to 1pm and Steve will be discussing the aspects that Engineers need to consider in the design of modular and panelised buildings using light gauge steel.  
Steve will be demonstraing the latest additions to our sister companies Light Gauge Steel Add In for Tedds including the fire rating of studs based on design load and tested loads and the new self weight of wall panel - accounting for noggins, gauge and variance in stud centres. 
It's planned to have the 'one form house design' ready to demonstrate for the lecture - user can enter dimensions of a house into one form, select members and centres and teh 'add in' will do the rest! Gatheeshgar is also working on self weight of floors to compliment the wall stud self weight, which should be ready for the lecture. 
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